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Photo of the author, Yedida Kanfer

Balak: Bilam’s Donkey: Judaism’s First Emotional Support Animal

by Yedida Kanfer
As we draw nearer to the November elections, we see constant reminders that our democracy is a work-in-progress. By practicing democracy — working to get out the vote, engaging in conversation, writing letters to the editor — we will make democracy a reality.
Photo of the author, Maetal Gerson

Chukat: Leading and Listening

by Maetal Gerson
Facing the climate change disaster means facing one another with respect and sincere empathy. Only then can we manage the amount of work it will take to fix that in which each of us has a stake.
Photo of the author, Emet Eviatar

Korach: What Does It Mean to Be a Free People?

by Emet Eviatar
A truly free people accepts its covenants without coercion. As we work for a better world, one of true dignity and equality for all, it’s important to remember that.
Photo of the author, Rabbi Lev Meirowitz Nelson

Sh’lach-Lecha: Israel/Palestine Buddy Cop Edition

by Rabbi Lev Meirowitz Nelson
Perhaps this midrash holds out a hope that any of us can be transformed to meet the needs of the moment. And perhaps we can find a way to change the course of today’s story so it does not have to end in wholesale destruction.
Photo of the author, Claire Davidson Bruder

Beha’alotecha: Be One Among the 70

by Claire Davidson Bruder
Community knowledge is the strongest tool we have, and we must learn how to both respect and harness it. When we seek to make change in the world, we must ask ourselves: Who might know what needs to happen even better than I do?
Photo of the author, Yael Marans

Naso: The Burdens We Cannot See

by Yael Marans
For me, acknowledging what I cannot see lies at the heart of community building. It helps me feel connected to the humanity of people in my circles and in the broader world, as ultimately the invisible heaviness of experience is one of the things that I know to be true of being human.
Photo of the author, Rabbi Lana Zilberman Soloway

Bamidbar: Lispor and Lesaper

by Rabbi Lana Zilberman Soloway
We have been counting the days since October 7, counting the unbearable number of lost lives, counting the number of hostages, counting the number of people who became refugees in their own land. We count and we count and we count. And we tell a story. Each and every one of us.
Photo of the author, Rabbi Michal Woll

Bechukotai: God and Us Under Stress

by Rabbi Michal Woll
[Unders stress,] we are often functioning far from our cores, where we can access our unique strengths and talents, offer our best selves, and hear – and perhaps even seek – other voices.

Criticism of Israel and Antisemitism: How to Tell Where One Ends and the Other Begins

by Rabbi Jill Jacobs
In this time of inflamed passions, it’s crucial both to ensure that criticism of Israel does not cross the line into antisemitism, and to protect the free speech of those protesting Israel’s actions.

Behar: Getting from Here to There

by Rabbi Moshe Heyn
We are returning from the mountain to the plains; from our highest ideals to the practicalities of daily living; from the most fundamental expression of holiness to where we are now.

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