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Headshot of Rabbi Andrea Goldstein

Ki Tisa: Democracies and Holiness Require Open Space

by Rabbi Andrea Goldstein
Only from an open and spacious heart can I experience a connection to what is holy. When I am focused on what I want and need, or when I am filled up with my own sense of righteousness, then what I have created within is actually a Golden Calf instead of my own small sanctuary.
Headshot of Rabbi Jay LeVine

Tetzaveh: Meet the Darkness with a Persistent Light

by Rabbi Jay LeVine
We need each other’s lights. A friend, colleague, or ally — perhaps even those we consider adversaries — have the sacred potential to ignite in us the lamp of tamid consciousness and the willingness to widen our circles and give ourselves to the tasks of care, compassion, advocacy, and love.
Headshot of Rabbi Allan Berkowitz

Terumah: How Much is a Human Being Worth?

by Rabbi Allan Berkowitz
Theologically speaking, to be human is to be sacred. Full stop. During human engagement, when we remain mindful of the sanctity of the other person, we bring acknowledgment of our shared holiness and further elevate the other and ourselves.
Rabbi Laurie Franklin

Mishpatim: Mishpatim in Montana

by Rabbi Laurie Franklin
Mishpatim teaches that formal justice must be free of influence from bribes or wealth status, and that even the stranger deserves protection. In my home state of Montana, regressive laws recently passed in our 2023 state legislature have revoked rights and freedoms from Montana residents under the guise of “protection” and “freedom of speech."
Rabbi Adir Yolkut

Yitro: The Jewish Case for Protecting Voting Rights in 2024

by Rabbi Adir Yolkut
As inheritors of a multi-vocal Jewish tradition that welcomes dissent and minority opinions, allowing people the chance to freely, legally, and openly participate in the democratic process strikes me as very Jewish. So to look at some of these harsh policies that stifle the voices of the downtrodden contradicts so much of what we hold dear in Judaism.
Rabbi Margo Hughes-Robinson

Beshalach: No More Solitary Confinement in NYC

by Rabbi Margo Hughes-Robinson
There is a deep and abiding power in saying to those who have died as a result of solitary confinement. We cannot bring back those we lost, but we can sanctify their memories by continuing to fight for a city that is dedicated to human rights for all.
Rabbi Amelia Wolf

Bo: What the 10th Plague and Missiles Have in Common

by Rabbi Amelia Wolf
A missile cannot tell righteous from wicked.
Rabbi Ruhi Sophia Motzkin Rubenstein

VaEra: It’s Our Time to be the Protagonists of History

by Rabbi Ruhi Sophia Motzkin Rubenstein
In this moment, we do not know how things will turn out, in Israel or the U.S. But if Torah and history have anything to teach us, it is that whatever happens is not inevitable, and the catalyst will not be something we could have predicted in advance. This moment, like all moments, is full of possibility. It will be those with proactive vision who will move history, just as it always has been.
Cantor Sheri Allen

Shemot: The Burning Bush in my Backyard

by Cantor Sheri Allen
Despite his reservations, [Moses] is able to see that God’s presence illuminates even the most unassuming, seemingly dark and thorny places. May we, with all our insecurities, do the same.
Rabbi Daniel Plotkin

Vayechi: Blessing Israel to Be a Levi

by Rabbi Daniel Plotkin
Peace is difficult. It requires understanding, listening, and a great deal of courage. May we have the courage to speak this truth to power, and may those in power have the courage to hear our message.

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