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Criticism of Israel and Antisemitism: How to Tell Where One Ends and the Other Begins

by Rabbi Jill Jacobs
In this time of inflamed passions, it’s crucial both to ensure that criticism of Israel does not cross the line into antisemitism, and to protect the free speech of those protesting Israel’s actions.

Behar: Getting from Here to There

by Rabbi Moshe Heyn
We are returning from the mountain to the plains; from our highest ideals to the practicalities of daily living; from the most fundamental expression of holiness to where we are now.
Photo of the author, Rabbi Ariel Tovlev

Emor: Peace Has No Sides

by Rabbi Ariel Tovlev
The path of peace is not an easy one; it cuts through the binary of right or wrong, victim or oppressor, hero or villain, us or them. The path of peace does not choose favorites, does not leverage one over another, does not create hierarchies. The path of peace has no sides.
Photo of the author, Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

Kedoshim: Love Thy Neighbor, Not Thy Empire

by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg
How we love our neighbor is by fighting for a society in which we would be glad to live no matter how little privilege we had.

Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzma’ut 2024 (and beyond)

This resource offers guidance for educators on where to start and some factors to consider. It is not a program in a box but rather an approach to planning whatever program your community needs.
Photo of the author, Rabbi Sarah Bassin

Yom HaShoah: Human Rights Require Human Enforcement

by Rabbi Sarah Bassin
We are born in the image of God, but we must accept that this God-given status exists only within the framework of human enforcement.
Photo of the author, Rabbi Toba Spitzer

Pesach: No One Is Free Until All Are Free

by Rabbi Toba Spitzer
How can we take on our own “marking of the doorposts” for this moment? What am I prepared to do, or say, to help bring this cursed war to an end? How might I “mark” myself as someone committed to the collective liberation of Palestinians and Israelis?

Passover Resources for 2024

A collection of T'ruah's resources for Pesach/Passover 2024.
Photo of the author, Rabbi Alicia Harris

Pesach: Cleanse the Spiritual Chametz this Pesach

by Rabbi Alicia Harris
This is the work before us this Pesach. We must abandon our worship of the false idol of correctness. We have to start with what we know. We know that all people need peace to survive. We know the liberation of Israelis is bound up with the liberation of Palestinians and vice versa. We know being traumatized is not a way to live. We also know that clinging to the crumbs of winning an argument only takes us further away from peace.

2024 Haggadah Supplement

by Rabbi Lev Meirowitz Nelson and Rabbi Jenna Shaw
The supplement includes reflections and conversation starters about the Israel-Hamas war that can be used as additions to the traditional haggadah texts or in place of them.

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