Sound the Call for Human Rights

  • SUSTAINER: $54/month

Provide North American rabbinical and cantorial students with experiential learning opportunities, rigorous issue-focused education, and tools to develop their unique moral voice

  • LEADER: $36/month 

Cover planning costs for T’ruah rabbis and cantors to join a future human rights delegation 

  • MAVEN: $18/month 

Equip T’ruah rabbis and cantors with expert training and tools to mobilize their communities in service of human rights

  • ORGANIZER: $10/month 

Produce study guides, resources, and teaching tools to enhance the analysis of human rights in our communities

  • ACTIVIST: $5/month 

Distribute T’ruah’s protest materials to our organizers and supporters amplifying the Jewish presence in the streets

What T’ruah campaigns does the Shofar Society support?

Fighting for Racial Justice

Protecting Farmworkers’ Rights

Securing Human Rights for Israelis and Palestinians

Protecting Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers

Why give monthly?

It ensures our long-term sustainability.
It fits your budget.
It turns up the volume on your activism.
It shows that you are part of this movement for the long haul.

I felt called to join the Shofar Society because of the critical work T’ruah is doing to protest the human rights violations perpetrated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It is a remarkable and vitally important thing to stand up against injustice. T’ruah’s work is a constant reminder that all of our futures are connected, and that we are all responsible for working together to build the future we know is possible.” – Amelia Overbay-Day

I joined the Shofar Society because I am inspired by T’ruah’s unwavering commitment to all the struggles for peace and justice that matter deeply to me — in the US, Israel, and the occupied Palestinian territories. In 2011, I joined a 10-day intensive and comprehensive trip to the West Bank with T’ruah. What was revealed to me in those ten days permanently bonded my attention to the cause of Palestinian justice. Years later, T’ruah continues to set an example, bringing true Torah values of justice to Jewish communities everywhere.” -Francine Perlman

What You Get

Sammy the Succulent rocks a T’ruah sticker.
  • A Shofar Society welcome gift bag delivered to your inbox
  • Exclusive updates from T’ruah’s leadership
  • A “Resisting Tyrants Since Pharaoh” sticker for your phone, water bottle, laptop, or favorite plant
  • A community of like-minded activists

Invest in your Jewish values now.


Shofar Society Members

Martin Abramowitz
Rabbi David Ackerman
Rabbi Howard Addison
Paul Adler
Aaron Ahuvia
Rabbi Steven Altarescu
Rich Amend
Jenna Andelman
William Anshen
Dr. Patricia Bates
Audrey Beerman
Rabbi Marjorie Berman
Alyx Bernstein
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Michaela Brown
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Rabbi Howard Cohen
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Elia D’Onofrio
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Rabbi Jo David
Nadav David
Rabbi Steven Denker
Rabbi Robert Dobrusin
Rabbi Megan Doherty
Matt Dreffin
Rabbi Ellen Dreyfus
Rabbi Max Edwards
Rabbi Amy Eilberg
Rabbi Barat Ellman
Dr. Richard Epstein
Naomi Estrada
Rabbi Nora Feinstein
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Anna Finklestein
Rabbi Libby Fisher
Tessa Fischer
Amanda Flaks
Richard Flom
Alan Fortnoff
Claire Foster
Rabbi Laurie Franklin
Debbie Friedman
Rabbi Shoshana Friedman
Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein
Bonnie Korman
Tim Gaylord
Rabbi Jonah Geffen
Chani Getter
Ross Gianfortune
Dr. Martina Gillen
Stephanie Glass
Rabbi Benjamin Goldberg
Lee Goldberg
Rabbi Dan Goldblatt

Rabbi Elizabeth Goldstein
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Rabbi Suzanne Griffel
Rabbi Daniel Gropper
Rabbi Nadya Gross
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Hadar Harris
Rabbi Lindsey Healey-Pollack
Rabbi Lauren Henderson
Rabbi Floyd Herman
Kari Hexem
Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann
Cantor Linda Hirschhorn
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Judy Hollander
Dina Hornreich
Cantor Mark Horowitz
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Scott Hunter
Michael Hurta
Michael Jacobson
Rabbi Devorah Jacobson
Rabbi Jennifer Jaech
Rabbi David Jaffe
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Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster
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Rabbi Marc Margolius
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Carole Merl
Miles Meth
Rabbi Jessica Meyer
Rabbi Joshua Mikutis
Sharon Minsuk
Judy Nadell
Rabbi Ariel Naveh
Rabbi Preston Neimeiser
Amelia Overbay-Day
Linda Owen
Judy Papenfus
Nancy Passow
Rabbi Ephraim Pelcovits

Rebecca Peretz-Lange
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Rabbi Salem Pearce
Francine Perlman
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Ali Rice
Rabbi Yair Robinson
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Amy Shakun
Susan Shamash
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