Who are T’ruah’s Chaverim?

Chaverim are rabbis and cantors who stand up to be counted as partners in T’ruah’s work to protect human rights in North America, Israel, and the occupied Palestinian territories. Being one of T’ruah’s chaverim does not imply endorsement of every organizational statement or position. When you become a member of our chaverim network, you join 2,300 rabbis and cantors who support one another in our human rights commitments, and who have access to training and advocacy opportunities through T’ruah.

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  • A. Bruce Goldmanz”l

    Rabbi | New York, New York

  • Aaron Alexander

    Rabbi | Washington, District of Columbia

  • Aaron B. Bisno

    Rabbi | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Aaron Brusso

    Rabbi | Mount Kisco, New York

  • Aaron Catz

    Rabbi | Fort Ann, New York

  • Aaron D. Koplin

    Rabbi | Sarasota, Florida

  • Aaron Fine

    Rabbi | Northampton, Massachusetts

  • Aaron Goldstein

    Rabbi | Rickmansworth,

  • Aaron Kriegel

    Rabbi | Tarzana, California

  • Aaron L. Mackler

    Rabbi | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Aaron Levy

    Rabbi | Toronto, Ontario

  • Aaron M. Petuchowski

    Rabbi | Chicago, Illinois

  • Aaron Pankenz”l

    Rabbi | New York, New York

  • Aaron Portman

    Rabbi | New York, New York

  • Aaron Potek

    Rabbi | Washington, District of Columbia

  • Aaron Rosenberg

    Rabbi | Waterford, Connecticut

  • Aaron Rubinstein

    Rabbi | Macon, Georgia

  • Aaron S. Weininger

    Rabbi | Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Aaron Sherman

    Rabbi | Florence, South Carolina

  • Aaron Spiegel

    Rabbi | Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Aaron Vitells

    Cantor | Portland, Oregon

  • Abbe Lyons

    Cantor | Ithaca, New York

  • Abby Cohen

    Rabbi | Portland, Oregon

  • Abby Michaleski

    Rabbi | Sicklerville, New Jersey

  • Abby Stein

    Rabbi | New York, New York

  • Abby Treu

    Rabbi | New York, New York

  • Abi Weber

    Rabbi | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Abie I. Ingber

    Rabbi | Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Abigail N. Sosland

    Rabbi | Bronx, New York

  • Abraham B. J. Havivi

    Rabbi | Los Angeles, California

z”l Deceased

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