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Every year, T’ruah celebrates Human Rights Shabbat on a Shabbat close to December 10, International Human Rights Day.

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This year, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of T’ruah’s partnership with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the Florida farmworkers who are transforming human rights in American agriculture. In 2011, mere weeks before Rosh Hashanah, we brought the first group of #TomatoRabbis to Florida to learn from these extraordinary organizers and visionaries. Since then, more than 100 rabbis and cantors have visited Immokalee with T’ruah and gone back home to make their communities into allies of the Coalition, while T’ruah has become a trusted organizational partner.

2021 also marks the 10th anniversary of the implementation of CIW’s Fair Food Program and the inauguration of the Fair Food Standards Council, the monitoring body through which the Fair Food Program achieves its hallmark transparency and accountability. In those 10 years, tens of thousands of lives have been changed for the better. The program has led to over $36 million in Fair Food premiums being paid directly to farmworkers, reached over 72,000 workers in on-the-clock peer education sessions, and guaranteed zero tolerance for worker exploitation or sexual assault.

Ways to celebrate with T’ruah and CIW:

If you’ve been following CIW for years, this is an opportunity to get reengaged and re-inspired.

If you’re new to CIW, this is the moment to learn about their transformative work.

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