Misheberach for Hunger Strikers

May the One who blessed our ancestors

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah—

Who was with our brother Joseph in the pit and in prison,

and with Miriam when she was isolated from the camp for seven days—

bless and heal all those who are engaged in hunger strikes against torture and solitary confinement.

May the Holy Blessed One be filled with mercy for them,

strengthening them for this act of protest and keeping them from all harm.

May God speedily send them complete healing of spirit and of body

and grant our society the wisdom

to find a more fair and humane system for preserving justice and public order, soon, in our day.

For God said of Adam, “It is not good for a human to be alone,” (Genesis 2:18)

and the prophet Amos exhorted, “Hate evil, love goodness, and establish justice in all your gates.” (Amos 5:15)

And let us say, “Amen.”