Raphael Lemkin Human Rights Award

For decades of leadership as a known force across all corners of the human rights landscape.

Founder’s Award

For his prophetic leadership as part of the founding generation of T’ruah rabbis and cantors.

Rabbinic Human Rights Hero Award

For her moral leadership as one of the most outspoken and widely respected voices of her generation on Judaism and justice.

Rabbinic Human Rights Hero Award

For decades of devotion to a multi-issue rabbinate, animated by the Torah of justice.

Lifetime Achievement Award

For nearly forty years of leading a congregation that prioritizes interfaith community-building, refugee resettlement, and human rights for all people.

In person tickets for the T’ruah Gala are SOLD OUT but you can join us virtually on Zoom!

If you’d like to join our Host Committee, please see below for the sponsorship levels.
**The virtual ticket option is set to $0.00, so please type in your gift amount manually.
If you need any support, please contact Leah Robbins at 904-571-0052.**

The zoom link will be sent to all virtual participants on June 4.
Looking forward to celebrating together soon!

Host Committee Sponsorship Levels:

Honorary Chair – $20,000
Human Rights Leaders – $15,000
Healers of the World – $10,000
Visionaries – $7,500
Prophetic Voices – $5,000
Righteous Ones – $3,600
Pursuers of Justice – $1,800
Guardians of Justice – $1,000
Builders – $720

**If you would like to make a gift toward the gala using your Donor Advised Fund,
please be in touch at lrobbins@truah.org**

The 2024 T’ruah Gala was a night to remember! If you’d still like to make a gala gift, you can do so here.

Host Committee

Honorary Chair

Sally Gottesman
Marina and Stephen Kaufman
Sara and Andrew Litt
Masimo Foundation
Lois Whitman

Human Rights Leaders

Ruth Messinger and Andrew Lachman

Healers of the World

Jeannie Blaustein, Ph.D, D. Ministry
Ruth Messinger and Andrew Lachman


Nancy Cooley Benasuli and Family
Suzanne Schecter and Todd Ruback

Prophetic Voices

Susan Bernstein
Alisa and Dan Doctoroff
Maria and Greg Jobin-Leeds
Rabbis Margot Stein and Myriam Klotz
Marc Waldor and Dr. Nancy Long
Terence S. Meehan
Emily Sack and Robert Schloss
Cindy Shulak-Rome and Dan Rome
Ted and Nina Wells
The Whitney-Thomas Family

Righteous Ones

Adas Israel Congregation
Martin and Shirley Bresler
David Roberts and Sue Fischlowitz
Amy and Ted Gavin
Michael and Alice Kuhn Foundation
Rabbi Bill Plevan
Russell Shaw and Rabbi Shira Stutman
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum and Randi Weingarten

Pursuers of Justice

Karen R. Adler
Eric Sloan and Dominique Bravo
Rabbi Sharon Brous
Cannell and Spears LLC
Congregation B’nai Jacob, Board of Directors
Ben W. Heineman Jr.
The Katz Family
James Klutznick
Lisa S. Kohn
Laura Shapiro Kramer and Jay Kramer
Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer and Seth F. Kreimer
Annette Rotter and Joel Laitman
Rabbi Esther Lederman
Susan Nitkin and Jeffrey Marcus
Rabbi Paula Marcus
Michael Hirschhorn and Jimena Martinez
Robert and Susan Morgenthau
National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW)
Marc Gross and Susan Ochshorn
Rob and Cara Raich
Seth and Joan Rosen
Richard Sandler
Nancy Bernstein and Robert Schoen
Abby Sher
Rabbi Beth Singer and Rabbi Jonathan Singer
Rabbis Eric and Jenny Solomon
Judith Tuller
John Zeiler
Rabbi Daniel and Louise Zemel
Mark Zivin and Margie Morrison Zivin
Myra Miller and Matthew Zuckerbraun

Guardians of Justice

Sara Adler
Robert Bank, American Jewish World Service (AJWS)
Rachel and Nathan Bearman
Rabbi Laura Abrasley and Julie Childers
William Schwartz and Lucy Chudson
Larry Gellman
Rabbi Chuck and Krayna Feinberg
Kate and Isaac Forman
Rabbi Steve Gutow
Suzanne and Robert O’Hatnick
Rabbi Roly Matalon and Talia Hatzor
Rabbi Andrew Vogel and Martha Hausman
Riva Silverman and Abram Heisler
Rabbi Rex Perlmeter and Rabbi Rachel Hertzman
Anita Altman and Gil Kulick
Jeanney Kutner
Susana Leval
Douglas Liebhafsky
Liman Family Foundation
Elyssa and Rabbi Joel Mosbacher
Matt McCann
Gary and Donna Naftalis
Margery Goldman and Marvin Naiman
Meryl Epstein and Trish Nuzzola
Rabbi Elliott Tepperman and Sarah O’Leary
Joshua M. and Debra Fried Levin
Kathleen Peratis
Rabbi Sid Schwarz and Sandy Perlstein
Cate Poe and Jeff Phelps
John J. Pinto and Children
Hannah and Brian Romick
Rabbi Les Bronstein and Cantor Benjie Schiller
Evely Laser Shlensky
Rabbi David Shneyer
The Sirkin Family
Rabbi Felicia L. Sol
Audrey Weiner and Jeffrey Solomon
Drs. Shoshana Elkin Waskow and Michael Slater
Rabbi Toba Spitzer
Rabbis Nancy Kasten and David Stern
Darian Swig
Betsy and Rabbi David Teutsch
Rabbi Victor and Marilyn Urecki
Janet and Michael Victorson
Rabbi Mary Zamore and Terje Lande
Rabbi Debra Rappaport and Robert Zelle


Rabbi Jill Jacobs and Rabbi Guy Austrian
Vicki Weber and David Behrman
Nahma Nadich and David Belcourt
Rabbis Arthur Waskow and Phyllis Berman
Dr. Jessica Brown and James A. Brown
Rabbi Matt Carl
Sandra Coliver
Rabbi Ellen Lippmann and Dr. Kathryn Conroy
Marci and Marc Dollinger
Rabbi Rachel Gartner and Dr. David Ebenbach
Rabbi Amy Eilberg
Judy and Steven Feinberg
Rabbi Tirzah Firestone and David Friedman
Marcy and Bennett Grau
Chayim and Judy Herzig-Marx
Robert D. Kanter
Charlene and Michael Kass
Nancy and Ed Kopf
Rabbi Claudia Kreiman
Rabbi Ken Chasen and Allison Lee
Judith Bass and Jack Levy
Rabbis Noa Kushner and Michael Lezak
Rabbi Ayelet S. Cohen and Rabbi Marc J. Margolius
Rabbi Sharon Mars
Rabbi Judith Edelstein and Jim Meier
Marya Axner and Mark Niedergang
Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster and Paul Pelavin
Rabbi Linda Potemken
Ora and Chuck Ramat
Jennifer Safian and Howard Rich
David Rintels and Victoria Riskin
Lisa Schneier
Dr. Cindy Arnson and Rabbi Gerry Serotta
Rabbi Becky Silverstein and Naomi Sobel
Jeremy Brochin and Rabbi Reena Spicehandler
Judy and Jack Stern
Jim Mintz and Deborah Stewart
Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg and Jim Talbott
Rabbi Nancy H Wiener and Judith Tax
Rabbi Rachel Timoner
Rabbi Deborah Waxman
Francis/Wilmot Family
Shira Zemel

Thank you to this year’s Gala Ambassadors

Sarah Chandler
Krayna Feinberg
Sarah Feinberg
Isaac and Kate Forman
Andrew Kaufman
Doug and Jen Kaufman
Rabbi Judy Greenberg

Ed and Nancy Kopf
Rabbi Amichai Lau Lavie
Sara Litt
Rabbi Roly Matalon
Lynn and Stephen Meyer
Nahma Nadich
Suzanne O’Hatnick
Dr. Eric and Cyndi Persily

Hannah Romick
Cantor Jessi Roemer
Cindy Shulak-Rome
Rabbi Elliott Tepperman
Michael and Janet Victorson
Rachel Weintraub
Shira Zemel

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