Mikdash: A Jewish Guide to the New Sanctuary Movement

T’ruah’s complete Jewish guide to the New Sanctuary Movement is here in a revised and expanded edition! This resource includes:

  • Background information on sanctuary and immigration, placing them in the larger context of white nationalism and America’s history with immigration
  • Concrete steps to take
  • An original essay grounding sanctuary work in Jewish tradition and text
  • A concise summary of Bible scholar Christiana Van Houten’s monograph Alien in Israelite Law
  • Three ready-to-use text studies
  • Stories of how Jewish communities are involved in the sanctuary movement, including immigrants facing deportation within the Jewish community
  • The Sanctuary Mezuzah, an 8.5×11 poster to print and hang as a public declaration of your community’s commitment to immigrant rights

Learn more about our work to support immigrants and asylum seekers.

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To browse or download one section at a time, use the following table of contents:

3-5: Introduction & Big Picture

6: Fact Sheet

7-9: What is Sanctuary?

10-11: History of Sanctuary

12-13: Immigration Timeline

14-16: Definitions

17: Mikdash Mezuzah

18-19: Text Study I: When the Government Comes to Take You Away

20-21: Know How to Respond

22-26: Jewish Sources on and Grounding for Sanctuary

27-29: Text Study II: Accompaniment

30-31: Text Study III: Sodom

32-33: Defining ‘Ger’

34: Further Reading

We’re grateful to Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah for partly funding this revised and expanded edition.