In 2016, T’ruah won an important victory for transparency when we persuaded the Jewish National Fund-USA to publish a list of its projects on its publicly-available tax forms for the first time.

That’s the good news. But the bad news is that we now know that JNF-USA doesn’t just plant trees in Israel, but also invests in settlements s over the Green Line, beyond Israel’s internationally recognized borders.

JNF-USA once had a policy of not funding over the Green Line.

Please join us in demanding it return to this policy.

By supporting settlements, JNF-USA contributes to the violation of the human rights of Palestinians, and to blocking a long-term agreement that will be the only way to protect the human rights and security of both Israelis and Palestinians. Settlements limit Palestinians’ freedom of movement, take their land and destroy all hopes for a viable, sovereign and territorially contiguous Palestinian state.

The JNF-USA needs to hear from you. Please ask JNF-USA CEO Russell Robinson today to pledge not to spend one more dollar over the Green Line.

By treating illegal settlements as if they were merely another part of Israel, JNF-USA is committing the sin of genevat da’at, misleading people. And it is contributing to the human rights abuses and land theft the settlements cause.

As the Torah proclaims, “Damned be he who moves back the territory-marker of his neighbor!” (Deut. 37:17)

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