T’ruah is proud to partner with Divine Chocolate to provide Fair Trade Chanukah gelt.

Celebrate Chanukah with kosher gelt guaranteed to come from companies that do not engage in the child labor or slavery endemic to the chocolate industry. Your gelt (both milk chocolate and dark chocolate are available) comes with educational resources about the Fair Trade movement and Jewish values.

When you order by clicking here or at the link below, 10 percent of all sales support T’ruah’s work, including our efforts to end modern-day slavery.

We are grateful to Fair Trade Judaica, for launching this project and partnering with us on it for many years. While Fair Trade Judaica recently closed, we are honored to continue its legacy by making these delicious products available.

To order Guilt-Free Gelt as an individual, click here.

To order Guilt-Free Gelt in bulk, create an account here and use code “GuiltFree2020” at checkout.

Divine Chocolate is the only certified Fair Trade chocolate company in the world that is owned by cocoa farmers. It supports the producers of its cocoa and their livelihoods socially and economically by providing four streams of income, including owning the largest share of the company at 44 percent. All products are Fair Trade, non-GMO and contain no soy or palm oil.