Nate DeGroot | T'ruah

Entering his fifth year at the Rabbinical School of Hebrew College, Nate DeGroot finds himself, more than ever, sustained and motivated by moments of connection – be it in conversation, song, dance, nature, sport, food, activism, or anything else. Nate is on his rabbinic journey with the continued goal of being a part of and inspiring intentional community that seeks out, savors, and believes in these moments of connectedness. Nate arrived at Hebrew College directly from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, where he majored in Human and Organizational Development. Nate has spent his time outside of rabbinical school facilitating experiential education opportunities for teens and young adults around the country and world, teaching in various classrooms, working with students at Hillel, and serving as rabbi for a small congregation in New Hampshire. This year, Nate is excited to explore more deeply a framework of trauma and healing when it comes to the complexities of and our relationships to Israel.