Headshot of Andy Levin

Former Congressman Andy Levin
Raphael Lemkin Human Rights Award

For his steadfast commitment to protecting workers, fighting climate change, and advancing justice and human rights for Israelis and Palestinians as a representative in the United States government.

smiling headshot of Anne Germanacos

Anne Germanacos
Kemach Torah Award

For her commitment to the Jewish movement for justice as a generous philanthropic leader at T’ruah.

Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann
Rabbinic Human Rights Hero Award

For her courageous mobilization of congregants and fellow clergy to show up for New York City’s most vulnerable.

Rabbi Mira Rivera
Rabbinic Human Rights Hero Award

For ensuring that the gifts, voices, and experiences of Jews of Color are seen, heard, and known by all in the wider Jewish community.

Smiling photo of Mordechai Liebling

Rabbi Mordechai Liebling
Founder’s Award

For his prophetic vision in the co-founding of T’ruah and everlasting commitment to the Torah of justice.

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Host Committee

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Honorary Chair

Anne Germanacos
Sara and Andrew Litt
Marc Gross and Susan Ochshorn

Human Rights Leaders

Sally Gottesman

Healers of the World

The John & Terry Levin Family Foundation
Betty Robbins and Moses Silverman


Prophetic Voices

Righteous Ones

Donna Katzin and Alan Altschuler
Kathleen Peratis
Myra and Matthew Zuckerbraun

Pursuers of Justice

Michael and Alice Kuhn Foundation
Rabbi Les Bronstein and Cantor Benjie Schiller
Rabbis Eric and Jenny Solomon
Judith Tuller
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum and Randi Weingarten

Guardians of Justice

Ruth Messinger and Andrew Lachman
Rabbi Esther Lederman
Rabbi Ken Chasen and Allison Lee
Rabbi J. Rolando Matalon
Betsy and Rabbi David Teutsch
Nancy Meyer and Marc Weiss


Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld and Shimon Anisfeld
Rabbis Jill Jacobs and Guy Austrian
Peter Beinart
Jeremy Ben-Ami
Nancy Kaufman
Rav Claudia Kreiman
Rabbi Ayelet S. Cohen and Rabbi Marc J. Margolius
Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster and Dr. Paul Pelavin
Aliza Schwartz
Dr. Cindy Arnson and Rabbi Gerry Serotta
Rabbi Laurie Hahn Tapper
Rabbi Nancy H. Wiener and Judith Tax

Ambassador Circle

Cantor Lisa Arbisser
Janet Brain
Jeffrey Dekro
Shira Epstein

Rabbi Susan Falk
Arielle Korman
Jerome (Jerry) Korman
Nancy Fuchs Kreimer
Sarah Anne Minkin
Rabbi Yael Ridberg