[Editor’s note 11/1/23: This letter was written and circulated beginning October 20. The number of casualties in Gaza sadly has since risen exponentially, with reports of 8,000 Palestinians — including over 3,000 children — killed. The estimated number of hostages is now approximately 230.]

“A song of ascents. Out of the depths I call You, O ETERNAL. O ETERNAL, listen to my cry; let Your ears be attentive to my plea for mercy.” (Psalm 130:1)

We are North American rabbis, cantors, and rabbinical and cantorial students writing to share our deep grief and pain after the October 7 terrorist attacks in Israel. We stand in solidarity with our Israeli family and friends who are mourning, healing, and defending their homes from continued attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah. We mourn the deaths and suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and in the West Bank. We call for the immediate, safe release of the hostages, and for all parties to follow the laws of armed conflict in order to ensure the safety of Israeli and Palestinian civilians. 

On October 7, the terrorist organization Hamas brutally attacked southern Israel, indiscriminately murdering at least 1,400 people — including babies and children, teenagers, and the elderly — and taking approximately 200 people hostage in Gaza. Our hearts have been broken again and again as we have heard stories from the survivors and from the families of those murdered or kidnapped. 

We affirm what should not need to be said: Murdering civilians is a war crime, taking civilians hostage is a war crime, and targeting civilians with missiles is a war crime. There is no justification for these acts of terror. We call on all those who believe in the sanctity of human life to join us in affirming these truths.

“God, listen to my cry; let Your ears be attentive to my plea for mercy.” (Psalm 130:2)

Pidyon shevuyim, redeeming captives, is one of the most important mitzvot. Sadly, there is a long history of Jewish communities being forced to practice this mitzvah over the centuries and across continents — from Egypt to Poland to Russia and beyond. We call on Hamas to release the hostages immediately, on Israel to prioritize negotiations for the captives above all else, and on the international community to do everything possible to secure their release. 

In the depths of our pain, we also mourn the deaths and suffering of Palestinian civilians and call for immediate action to protect their lives. Roughly half of all Gazans are children under the age of 18. Already, thousands of Palestinian civilians, including hundreds of children, have died in Israeli airstrikes, and hundreds of thousands more have been injured or displaced, or are suffering from lack of access to critical supplies. Humanitarian groups are warning of imminent catastrophe as Gazans run out of water, food, fuel, and medical supplies because of the siege. We are grateful to President Biden and other world leaders who are working to ensure the entry of humanitarian relief into Gaza. 

We call for the immediate establishment of a humanitarian corridor so that critical supplies can enter Gaza. Gazans must also be guaranteed that they will be allowed to return to their homes after the present conflict ends. At all times, Israel must follow the laws of armed conflict in order to avoid harm to civilians. Hamas’s war crimes do not justify further war crimes or collective punishment.

We are deeply concerned about the reverberations of this war in the region, at home, and around the world. We reject all antisemitic, Islamophobic, or anti-Arab bigotry and violence and call on our communities to do the same. 

We call for an end to incitement by Israeli politicians and public figures against Palestinian citizens of Israel and Israel human rights organizations. We call on Israel to prevent further revenge attacks by settlers on Palestinians in the West Bank, and to refrain from using the war with Hamas as an excuse to extend settlements and occupation. 

“I look to the ETERNAL; my soul looks; I await [God’s] word.” (Psalm 130:5)

In this bleak moment, we are inspired by the extraordinary response of Israeli civil society — including both Jewish and Palestinian citizens, religious and secular people, and people of multiple political allegiances — who directly saved lives after Hamas attacked, and who have since organized housing and supplies for the displaced, an operation to locate captives, and joint Jewish-Arab civilian patrols to ensure that there are no clashes in mixed cities. We value their example as we struggle to turn our pain into positive action and not to lose sight of our vision for a shared society. 

“O Israel, wait for the ETERNAL; for with the ETERNAL is steadfast love and great power to redeem.” (Psalm 130:7)

We look to our communities and our tradition for the strength we need today and in the coming days, weeks, months and years. We know that the only way to ensure the safety, dignity, and flourishing of both Israelis and Palestinians is a just, negotiated political solution that protects the human rights and political self-determination of both peoples.

The safety of Palestinians and Israelis is inextricably linked. By signing this letter, we publicly recommit to the long, hard work of bringing about a better future for everyone in the region.


Rabbi Shani Abramowitz – Lexington, Kentucky
Rabbi Susan Abramson – Bedford, Massachusetts
Cantor Nancy Abramson – New York, New York
Rabbi Laura Abrasley – West Newton, Massachusetts
Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder – Atlanta, Georgia
Elana Ackerman Hirsch – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi David Adelson – Brooklyn, New York
Cantor Lauren Adesnik – Louisville, Kentucky
Dr. Rabbi Rachel Adler – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Cantor Joanna Alexander – Elkhorn, Nebraska
Cantor Sheri Allen – Fort Worth, Texas
Rabbi Katy Allen – Wayland, Massachusetts
Rabbi Doug Alpert – Kansas City, Missouri
Rabbi Renni Altman – Poughkeepsie, New York
Rabbi George Altshuler – San Francisco, California
Rabbi Camille Shira Angel – San Francisco, California
Rabbi Sharon Anisfeld – Newton Center, Massachusetts
Eden Anolick – New York, New York
Max Antman – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Amy Ariel – Saint Paul, Minnesota
Rabbi Melanie Aron – Washington, District of Columbia
Rabbi Emily Aronson – New York, New York
Rabbi Guy Austrian – New York, New York
Cantor Devorah Avery – Boulder, Colorado
Ilana Axel
Rabbi Esther Azar – New York, New York
Rabbi Andy Bachman – Portland, Maine
Rabbi Ethan Bair – Clinton, New York
Rabbi Justus Baird – Montclair, New Jersey
Toby Banks – New York, New York
Rabbi Rachel Barenblat – Williamstown, Massachusetts
Rabbi Ruven Barkan – Tucson, Arizona
Cantor Barbara Barnett – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Benjamin Barnett – Portland, Oregon
Aya Baron – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Robert B. Barr – Loveland, Ohio
Rabbi Samuel Barth – Brooklyn, New York
Cantor Paula Baruch – Hamilton, Ontario
Rabbi David Basior – Seattle, Washington
Rabbi Eliot Baskin – Greenwood Village, Colorado
Rabbi Lia Bass – Arlington, Virginia
Rabbi David Dunn Bauer – Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Katie Bauman – New Orleans, Louisiana
Rabbi Marci Bellows – Chester, Connecticut
Rabbi Laura Bellows – Dorchester Center, Massachusetts
Rabbi Lisa Bellows
Hannah Bender – Los Angeles, California
Roseanne Benjamin – New York, New York
Rabbi James Bennett – Saint Louis, Missouri
Cantor Jennifer Benrey – Jersey City, New Jersey
Rabbi Dana Benson – Seattle, Washington
Rabbi Philip Bentley – Hendersonville, North Carolina
Aaron Berc – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Claire Bergen – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Leah Rachel Berkowitz – Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Allan Berkowitz – Kensington, California
Rabbi Donald Berlin – Bethesda, Maryland
Cantor Melissa Berman – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Howard Berman – Coral Gables, Florida
Rabbi Donna Berman – Hartford, Connecticut
Rabbi Phyllis Berman – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Edward Bernstein – Boynton Beach, Florida
Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein – Chicago, Illinois
Rabbi Seth Bernstein – Silver Spring, Maryland
Cantor Jennifer Bernvogel – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Jacob Best Adler – Belle Mead, New Jersey
Rabbi Jonathan Biatch – Madison, Wisconsin
Rabbi Binyamin Biber – Silver Spring, Maryland
Rachel Bloch – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Rabbi Barry Block – Little Rock, Arkansas
Rabbi David Bloom – Louisville, Kentucky
Rabbi Adena Blum – Robbinsville, New Jersey
Joe Blumberg – New York, New York
Rabbi Herman Blumberg – Waban, Massachusetts
Deborah Bodin Cohen – Rockville, Maryland
Rabbi Daniel Bogard – St. Louis, Missouri
Rabbi Liz Bolton – Ottawa, Ontario
Rabbi Stephen Booth-Nadav – Denver, Colorado
Rabbi Jill Borodin – Seattle, Washington
Rabbi Anna Boswell-Levy – Yardley, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Cantor Richard Botton – Walnut Creek, California
Shira Botzum – New York, New York
Rabbi Sarah Brammer-Shlay – Grinnell, Iowa
Cantor Alan Brava – Flushing, New York
Rabbi Harry Brechner – Victoria, British Columbia
Rabbi Josh Breindel – Sudbury, Massachusetts
Cantor Joshua Breitzer – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Phil Bressler – Corvallis, Oregon
Rabbi Cari Bricklin-Small – Arlington, Massachusetts
Cantor Lori Brock – Boca Raton, Florida
Iliana Brodsky – Brooklyn, New York
Cantor Vera Broekhuysen – North Andover, Massachusetts
Rabbi Caryn Broitman – West Tisbury, Massachusetts
Caleb Brommer – New York, New York
Rabbi Deborah Bronstein – Boulder, Colorado
Rabbi Daniel Bronstein – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Lester Bronstein – White Plains, New York
Rabbi Sharon Brous – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Michaela Brown – Brighton, Massachusetts
Cantor Shoshana Brown – Fall River, Massachusetts
Rabbi Joshua Brumbach – Hamden, Connecticut
Rabbi Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus – Providence, Rhode Island
Rabbi David Brusin – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Rabbi Meredith Cahn – Petaluma, California
Rabbi Nadav Caine – Ann Arbor, Michigan
Rabba Gila Caine – Edmonton, Alberta
Vincent Calabrese – New York, New York
Rabbi Jillian Cameron – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Lea-h Campolo – Dorchester Center, Massachusetts
Rabbi Debra Cantor – Bloomfield, Connecticut
Brianah Caplan – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Ariana Capptauber – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Reba Carmel – Cheltenham, Pennsylvania
Cantor Susan Caro – Reston, Virginia
Rabbi Carie Carter – Brooklyn, New York
Jade Carter – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Donna Cephas – New York, New York
Rabbi Kerry Chaplin – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Joshua Chasan – Portland, Maine
Rabbi Ken Chasen – Los Angeles, California
Jacob Chatinover – Somerville, Massachusetts
Rabbi Elyssa Cherney – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
David Childs – New York, New York
Rabbi Paul Citrin – Albuquerque, New Mexico
Rabbi Geoffrey Claussen – Greensboro, North Carolina
Julian Cohen – Cambridge, Massachusetts
Rabbi Sandra Cohen – Denver, Colorado
Rabbi Aryeh Cohen – Los Angeles, California
Eva Cohen – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rabbi Ayelet S. Cohen – New York, New York
Rabbi Paul Cohen – Northfield, Illinois
Rabbi Tamara Cohen – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Abby Cohen – Portland, Oregon
Cantor Gerald Cohen – Yonkers, New York
Rabbi Dianne Cohler-Esses – New York, New York
Rabbi Hillel Cohn – San Bernardino, California
Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi David Cooper – Berkeley, California
Cantor Melanie Cooperman – Rye, New York
Rabbi Mychal Copeland – Mountain View, California
Rabbi Stephanie Crawley – Washington, District of Columbia
Rabbi Meryl Crean – Upper Gwynedd, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Robin Damsky – Efland, North Carolina
Rabbi Julie Danan – Lewes, Delaware
Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz – Cupertino, California
Rabbi Michelle Dardashti – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Justin David – Northampton, Massachusetts
Claire Davidson Miller – New York, New York
Max Davis – Somerville, Massachusetts
Bennett Decker – New York, New York
Rabbi Nate DeGroot – Detroit, Michigan
Rabbi Brian Denker – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Sarah DePaolo – Lake Forest, California
Alex Dillon – Somerville, Massachusetts
Rabbi Robert Dobrusin – Ann Arbor, Michigan
Rabbi Boris Dolin – Cote Saint Luc, Quebec
Cantor Lisa Doob – Lexington, Massachusetts
Rabbi Tyler Dratch – Baltimore, Maryland
Rabbi Matt Dreffin – Mountain Brk, Alabama
Cantor Ellen Dreskin – Ardsley, New York
Rabbi Jessica Dressin – Baltimore, Maryland
Rabbi Malka Drucker – Santa Barbara, California
Rabbi Doris Dyen – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rabbi David Eber – Naperville, Illinois
Cantor Linda Ecker – Fountain Valley, California
Rabbi Renee Edelman – Short Hills, New Jersey
Rabbi Laurence Edwards – Chicago, Illinois
Rabbi Lisa A. Edwards – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Max Edwards – South Orange, New Jersey
Cantor Josh Ehrlich – Scarsdale, New York
Rabbi Amy Eilberg – Los Altos, California
Rabbi Susan Einbinder – Providence, Rhode Island
Cantor Roy Einhorn – Newton Center, Massachusetts
Rabbi Rebecca Einstein Schorr – Emmaus, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Jeffrey Eisenstat – Lenox, Massachusetts
David Elitzer – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Juliet Elkind-Cruz – New York, New York
Rabbi Hannah Ellenson – Maplewood, New Jersey
Rafi Ellenson – Somerville, Massachusetts
Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Andrew Ettin – Pfafftown, North Carolina
Rabbi Jeffrey Falick – Royal Oak, Michigan
Rabbi Susan Falk – Brooklyn, New York
Alyssa Feigelson – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Charles Feinberg – Washington, District of Columbia
Rabbi Dena Feingold – Kenosha, Wisconsin
Samuel Feinsmith – Evanston, Illinois
Rabbi Edward Feld – Northampton, Massachusetts
Cantor Devorah Felder-Levy – Los Gatos, California
Jen Feldman – Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Rabbi Sue Fendrick – Newton Center, Massachusetts
Rabbi Jason Fenster – White Plains, New York
Rabbi Michael Fessler – Poughkeepsie, New York
Rabbi Brian Field – Denver, Colorado
Rabbi Avi Fine – Seattle, Washington
Cantor Nina Fine – Winter Park, Florida
Rabbi Daniel Fink – Boise, Idaho
Rabbi Brian Fink – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi David Finkelstein – Wayland, Massachusetts
Rabbi Tirzah Firestone – Longmont, Colorado
Julie Fishbach – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Nicole Fix – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Richard Flom – Sherman Oaks, California
Rabbi Betsy Forester – Madison, Wisconsin
Madeleine Fortney – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Jeff Foust – Newton Center, Massachusetts
Michael Fraade – Cambridge, Massachusetts
Rabbi John Franken – Baltimore, Maryland
Rabbi Daniel Freedman – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Eli Freedman – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Carla Freedman – Riverview, Florida
Rabbi Lee Friedlander – Roslyn Heights, New York
Rabbi Stacy Friedman – San Rafael, California
Jordan Friedman – Skokie, Illinois
Rabbi Joan S. Friedman – Wooster, Ohio
Rabbi Shoshana Friedman Meira – Roslindale, Massachusetts
Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein – Elgin, Illinois
Rabbi Capers C. Funnye, Jr. – Chicago, Illinois
Rabbi Ruth Gais – Summit, New Jersey
Rabbi Rachel Gartner – Washington, District of Columbia
Rabbi Jonah Geffen – New York, New York
Rabbi Daniel Geffen – North Have, New York
Rabbi Ruth Gelfarb – Boulder, Colorado
Rabbi Miriam Geronimus – Cleveland, Ohio
Rabbi S. B. Gershuny – Boulder, Colorado
Maetal Gerson – New York, New York
Rabbi Sherril Gilbert – Pointe-Claire, Quebec
Yaakov Ginsberg-Schreck – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Puck Glass – Fort Worth, Texas
Rabbi Chana Leslie Glazer – Ardmore, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Miriyam Glazer – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Bob Gluck – Mount Kisco, New York
Rabbi Laura Gold – New York, New York
Rabbi Jessica Goldberg – Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Susan Goldberg – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Dan Goldblatt – Danville, California
Rabbi Zelig Golden – Occidental, California
Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg – Jackson Heights, New York
Alex Goldfarb – Cambridge, Massachusetts
Rabbi Yosef Goldman – Gaithersburg, Maryland
Rabbi Michael Goldman – White Plains, New York
Rabbi Barbara Goldman-Wartell – Pembroke Pines, Florida
Rabbi Megan Goldmarche – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Lynne Goldsmith – Broomfield, Colorado
Rabbi Niles Goldstein – Napa, California
Rabbi Lisa Goldstein – New York, New York
Rabbi Seth Goldstein – Olympia, Washington
Cantor Jordan Goldstein – Princeton, New Jersey
Rabbi Andrea Goldstein – Saint Louis, Missouri
Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein – Sherman Oaks, California
Rabbi Hannah Goldstein – Washington, District of Columbia
Rabbi Elizabeth Goldstein – Woodbridge, Virginia
Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser – East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Nikki Golomb – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Rabbi Mónica Gomery – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cantor Lauren Goodlev – Gladwyne, Pennsylvania
Rabbi David N. Goodman – Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Mark Asher Goodman – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Keren Gorban – Tacoma, Washington
Cantor Jonathan Gordon – Dobbs Ferry, New York
Rabbi Debora S. Gordon – Troy, New York
Rabbi Sam Gordon – Wilmette, Illinois
Rabbi Mel Gottlieb – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann – New York, New York
Rabbi Lisa Grant – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Arthur Green – Newton Center, Massachusetts
Rabbi Judith Greenberg – Madison, Wisconsin
Cantor Tanya Greenblatt – Tampa, Florida
Rabbi Fred Greene – Boulder, Colorado
Rabbi Michelle Greenfield – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi David Greenstein – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Nicki Greninger – Lafayette, California
Rabbi Suzanne Griffel – Chicago, Illinois
Rabbi Victor Gross – Erie, Colorado
Rabbi Nadya Gross – Erie, Colorado
Rabbi Susan Grossman – Columbia, Maryland
Rabbi David Gruber – Frisco, Texas
Rabbi Tom Gutherz – Charlottesville, Virginia
Rabbi Joshua Gutoff – Watertown, Massachusetts
Rabbi Jill Hammer – New York, New York
Rabbi Joseph Hample – Morgantown, West Virginia
Rabbi Denise Handlarski – Toronto, Ontario
Rabbi Maurice Harris – Glenside, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Alicia Harris – Royal Oak, Michigan
Cantor Deborah Hartman – Atlanta, Georgia
Rabbi Lindsey Healey-Pollack – Englewood, New Jersey
Rabbi Rebecca Hecht – San Mateo, California
Rebecca Heisler – Cambridge, Massachusetts
Rabbi Lauren Henderson – Atlanta, Georgia
Rabbi Alan Henkin – Palmdale, California
Rabbi Eli Herb – Salem, Oregon
Rabbi Floyd Herman – Baltimore, Maryland
Aviva Herr-Welber – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Rabbi Cantor Rachel Hersh – Bethesda, Maryland
Rabbi Rachel Hertzman – New York, New York
Rabbi Kimberly Herzog Cohen – Dallas, Texas
Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann – Chicago, Illinois
Rabbi Moshe Heyn – Half Moon Bay, California
Rabbi Erin Hirsh – Glenside, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Janie Hodgetts – Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Rabbi Solomon Hoffman – Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Marques Hollie – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Michael Holzman – Reston, Virginia
Audrey Honig – New York, New York
Heidemarie Hoover – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Lizzie Horne Mozes – Marlton, New Jersey
Rabbi Rebecca Hornstein – Lynn, Massachusetts
Cantor Terry Horowit – Albany, New York
Cantor Sandy Horowitz – New York, New York
Rabbi Jocee Hudson – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Margo Hughes-Robinson – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Mark Hurvitz – New York, New York
Rabbi Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin – Eugene, Oregon
Cantor Bradley Hyman – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Shirley Idelson – New York, New York
Rabba Eve Ilsen – Boulder, Colorado
Rabbi Abie Ingber – Cincinnati, Ohio
Rabbi Eliana Jacobowitz – Somerville, Massachusetts
Rabbi Steven Jacobs – Alameda, California
Rabbi Jill Jacobs – New York, New York
Rabbi Marci Jacobs – Pikesville, Maryland
Rabbi Josh Jacobs-Velde – Laurel, Maryland
Rabbi Daria Jacobs-Velde – Silver Spring, Maryland
Rabbi Devorah Jacobson – Hadley, Massachusetts
Rabbi Suzie Jacobson – West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Kohenet Sharon Jaffe – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rabbi David Jaffe – Sharon, Massachusetts
Rabbi Cantor Ellen Jaffe-Gill – Virginia Beach, Virginia
Rabbi Marisa James – New York, New York
Rabbi Janine Jankovitz – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Beth Janus – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Amita Jarmon – Brattleboro, Vermont
Rabbi Raachel Jurovics – Raleigh, North Carolina
Rabbi Randy Kafka – Stoughton, Massachusetts
Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster – Teaneck, New Jersey
Rabbi Cassi Kail – Palos Verdes Peninsula, California
Rabbi Beth Kalisch – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Jane Kanarek – Brookline, Massachusetts
David Kaplinsky – Cambridge, Massachusetts
Rabbi Emily Kapor-Mater – Portland, Oregon
Rabbi Gita Karasov – Somerville, Massachusetts
Ally Karpel – Washington, District of Columbia
Cantor Nancy Kassel – Roswell, Georgia
Rabbi Debra Kassoff – Jackson, Mississippi
Rabbi Nancy Kasten – Dallas, Texas
Rabbi Marc Katz – Bloomfield, New Jersey
Rabbi Joanna Katz – Olivebridge, New York
Michelle Katz – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Jim Kaufman – North Hollywood, California
Irwin Keller – Cotati, California
Rabbi Stuart Kelman – Berkeley, California
Rabbi Stephanie Kennedy – Oakland, California
Rabbi Justin Kerber – Carmel, Indiana
Cantor Penny Kessler – Bethel, Connecticut
Cantor Jack Kessler – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Emma Kippley-Ogman – Saint Paul, Minnesota
Cantor Eliana Kissner – New York, New York
Rabbi Daniel Klein – Auburndale, Massachusetts
Rabbi Jonathan Klein – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Jason Klein – Providence, Rhode Island
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum – New York City, New York
Rabbi David L. Kline – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Michael Knopf – Richmond, Virginia
Rabbi Jacqueline Koch Ellenson – New York, New York
Jayce Koester – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Rabbi Steve Kohn – Hollywood, Florida
Rabbi Stephanie Kolin – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Cherie Koller-Fox – Newton, Massachusetts
Rabbi Debra Kolodny – Amherst, Massachusetts
Rabbi Neil Kominsky – Brookline, Massachusetts
Arielle Korman – New York, New York
Rabbi Riqi Kosovske – Northampton, Massachusetts
Rabbi Douglas Krantz – Townsend, Delaware
Rabbi Matthew Kraus – Cincinnati, Ohio
Shirah Kraus – Cincinnati, Ohio
Rabbi Claudia Kreiman – Brookline, Massachusetts
Rabbi Nancy Kreimer – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Brett Krichiver – Indianapolis, Indiana
Rabbi Jeremy Kridel – Ellicott City, Maryland
Susan Kronish Grotenstein – Briarcliff Manor, New York
Rabbi Leah Kurtz – Petaluma, California
Rabbi Enid Lader – Cleveland, Ohio
Rabbi Karen Landy – Brookline, Massachusetts
Rabbi Rachmiel Langer – Littleton, Massachusetts
Rabbi Gilah Langner – Washington, District of Columbia
Rabbi Michael Adam Latz – Toronto, Ontario
Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie – New York, New York
Rabbi Adam Lautman – Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Rabbi Adam Lavitt – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Sandra Lawson – Burlington, North Carolina
Rabbi Allison Lawton – Irvine, California
Rabbi Allan Lehmann – Newton, Massachusetts
Gabriel Lehrman – Los Altos, California
Cantor Allen Leider – Falls Church, Virginia
Rabbi Darby Leigh – Concord, Massachusetts
Rabbi Shoshana Leis – Dobbs ferry, New York
Rabbi Arielle Lekach-Rosenberg – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rabbi Jessica Lenza – New York, New York
Kohenet Ketzirah Lesser
Rabbi Aaron Leven – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Peter Levi – Aliso Viejo, California
Cantor Beth Levin – Winchester, Massachusetts
Rabbi David Levin – Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Mark Levine – Bethesda, Maryland
Rabbi Cantor Sam Levine – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Jay LeVine – Seattle, Washington
Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater – Pasadena, California
Rabbi Yael Levy – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Anne Lewis – Gaithersburg, Maryland
Cantor Barbra Lieberstein – Ramsey, New Jersey
Hannah Limov – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Erev Rabbi Paige Lincenberg – Little River, California
Ruth Lincoln – Mansfield, Massachusetts
Savannah Lipner – New York, New York
Cantor Erica Lippitz – Evanston, Illinois
Rabbi Ellen Lippmann – Brooklyn, New York
Allen Lipson – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Rabbi Dara Lithwick – Ottawa, Ontario
Rabbi Andrea London – Evanston, Illinois
Rabbi Emily Losben-Ostrov – Wilmington, North Carolina
Rabbi Sienna Lotenberg – New Brunswick, New Jersey
Rabbi Sam Luckey – Oakland, California
Benjamin Luks-Morgan – Alexandria, Virginia
Cantor Abbe Lyons – Ithaca, New York
Rabbi Jill Maderer – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Dana Magat – San Jose, California
Cantor Emma Maier – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Rachel Maimin – Brooklyn, New York
Emma Mair – Middleton, Massachusetts
Rabbi Jonathan Malino – Ottawa, Ontario
Chel Mandell – Santa Cruz, California
Rabbi Bryan Mann – Poughkeepsie, New York
Yael Marans – Somerville, Massachusetts
Rayden Marcum – Waltham, Massachusetts
Rabbi Paula Marcus – Aptos, California
Becky Marcus – Los Angeles, California
Cantor Aviva Marer – Indianapolis, Indiana
Natan Margalit – Newtonville, Massachusetts
Cantor Steven Margolin – Oroville, California
Cantor Kevin Margolius – New Orleans, Louisiana
Rabbi Marc Margolius – New York, New York
Rabbi Bonnie Margulis – Madison, Wisconsin
Rabbi Amalia Mark – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Jeremy Markiz – Silver Spring, Maryland
Rabbi Susan Marks – Highland Park, Illinois
Rabbi Sharon Mars – Columbus, Ohio
Rabbi Jessica Marshall – Bishop, California
Rabbi Nathan Martin – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Cantor Jacqueline Marx – Carrboro, North Carolina
Rabbi Dennis Math – Bellingham, Washington
Rabbi Sara Meirowitz – Lincoln, Massachusetts
Rabbi Rim Meirowitz – Peabody, Massachusetts
Rabbi Lev Meirowitz Nelson – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Jessica Meyer – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Rabbi Sabine Meyer – Seattle, Washington
Rabbi Abby Michaleski – Sicklerville, New Jersey
Rabbi Mimi Micner – Watertown, Massachusetts
Rabbi Rachel Mikva – Chicago, Illinois
Rabbi Shira Milgrom – White Plains, New York
Rabbi Diana Miller – Lambertville, New Jersey
Léah Miller – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Heather Miller – Sherman Oaks, California
Gabe Miner – Astoria, New York
Cantor Rebekah Mirsky – Los Angeles, California
Cantor Amy Brenner Mitz – Sugar Hill, New Hampshire
Rabbi Katie Mizrahi – Denver, Colorado
Rabbi Jim Morgan – Brighton, Massachusetts
Rabbi Joel Mosbacher – New York, New York
Rabbi Nahariyah Mosenkis – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Danny Moss – Madison, Connecticut
Rabbi Linda Motzkin – Saratoga Springs, New York
Ilana Mulcahy – Metuchen, New Jersey
Rabbi Bronwen Mullin – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cantor Sarah Myerson – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Ariel Naveh – Wantagh, New York
Rivka Nechemya Thrope – Cambridge, Massachusetts
Rabbi Preston Neimeiser – Rumford, Rhode Island
Akiva Nelson – Brighton, Massachusetts
Josh Nelson – Chicago, Illinois
Rabbi Haviva Ner-David – Hannaton, HaZafon
Rabbi Lior Nevo – Needham Heights, Massachusetts
Cantor Julie Newman – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Dan Nussbaum – Cambridge, Massachusetts
Rabbi Leah Nussbaum – Medford, Massachusetts
Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum – Seattle, Washington
Rabbi Vanessa Ochs – Charlottesvile, Virginia
Grace Oedel – Burlington, Vermont
Rabbi Suzanne Offit – Brookline, Massachusetts
Rabbi Jesse Olitzky – South Orange, New Jersey
Rabbi Shaul Osadchey – Houston, Texas
Cantor Barbara Ostfeld – Buffalo, New York
Cantor Henrique Ozur Bass – Potomac, Maryland
Rabbi Janet Ozur Bass – Potomac, Maryland
Rabbi Malka Packer-Monroe – Atlanta, Georgia
Rabbi Luciana Pajecki Lederman – New York, New York
Rabbi Michael Paley – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Morris Panitz – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Shuli Passow – New York, New York
Rabbi Hava Pell – Lemoyne, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Barbara Penzner – West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Rabbi Nina Perlmutter – Chino Valley, Arizona
Rabbi Scott Perlo – Brooklyn, New York
Shoshana Perry – North Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Rabbi Abby Phelps – Milwaukee, WI
Sivan Piatigorsky-roth – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Rabbi Iah Pillsbury – Colorado Springs, Colorado
Rabbi William Plevan – New York, New York
Rabbi Daniel Plotkin – Pikesville, Maryland
Rabbi Helen Plotkin – Rose Valley, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Robin Podolsky – Los Angeles, California
Hannah Pomerantz – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Rebecca Pomerantz Shinder – Closter, New Jersey
Ben Poor – Mercer Island, Washington
Rabbi Aaron Potek – Washington, District of Columbia
Rabbi Amber Powers – Abington, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Marcia Prager – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Sally Priesand – Asbury Park, New Jersey
Rabbi Deborah Prinz – New York, New York
Elisheva Pripas – West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Rabbi Jonathan Prosnit – Los Altos Hills, California
Anne Prusky – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Rachel Putterman – Roslindale, Massachusetts
Rabbi Jenn Queen – Cambridge, Massachusetts
Rabbi Charles P. Rabinowitz – Larchmont, New York
Rabbi Michael Ramberg – Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
Lisa Rappaport – Chico, California
Rabbi Moshe Re’em – Allentown, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Fred Reiner – Chevy Chase, Maryland
Rabbi Victor Reinstein – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Cantor David Reinwald – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rabba Dorothy Richman – Albany, California
Rabbi Bec Richman – Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Rabbi Yael Ridberg – La Jolla, California
Rabbi Shais Rishon – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Mira Rivera – New York, New York
Cantor Rebecca Robins – Washington, District of Columbia
Rabbi Yair Robinson – Wilmington, Delaware
Cantor Jessi Roemer – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Ariella Rosen – Northampton, Massachusetts
Rabbi Joseph Rosen – Ridgeland, Mississippi
Rabbi Cantor Elana Rosen-Brown – San Rafael, California
Rabbi Jason Rosenberg – Tampa, Florida
Cantor Aviva K. Rosenbloom – Altadena, California
Rabbi Seymour Rosenbloom – Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Ken Rosenstein – Brighton, Massachusetts
Rabbi Jessica Rosenthal – Hauppauge, New York
Rabbi Michael Ross – Beachwood, Ohio
Rabbi Benjamin Ross – White Plains, New York
Rabbi Julie Roth – Montclair, New Jersey
Rabbi Jeffrey Roth – Olivebridge, New York
Rabbi Michael Rothbaum – Atlanta, Georgia
Rabbi Bob Rottenberg – Arcata, California
Rabbi Ruhi Sophia Rubenstein – Eugene, Oregon
Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein – Gansevoort, New York
Rabbi Sandy Rubenstein – Silver Spring, Maryland
Cantor Michal Rubin – Columbia, South Carolina
Noa Rubin – New York, New York
Rabbi Richard Rudnick – Worcester, Massachusetts
Rabbi Ralph Ruebner – Skokie, Illinois
Rabbi Laura Rumpf – Seattle, Washington
Rabbi Stephanie Ruskay – New York, New York
Rabbi Gila Ruskin – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Julia Sabra – Cambridge, Massachusetts
Rabbi Elissa Sachs-Kohen – Baltimore, Maryland
Rabbi Jared Saks – Portland, Maine
Ilana Sandberg – New York, New York
Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Ma’ayan Sands – Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Rabbi Jade Sank Ross – Port Washington, New York
Rabbi Michael Sarko – Seattle, Washington
Rabbi Benjamin Savel Perlstein – New York, New York
Cantor Pamela Sawyer – Berkeley, California
Rabbi Jeffrey Saxe – Falls Church, Virginia
Rabbi Julie Saxe-Taller – Berkeley, California
Rabbi Shalom Schachter – Toronto, Ontario
Rabbi Peter Schaktman – New Hartford, New York
Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb – Bethesda, Maryland
Cantor Robert Scherr – Alexandria, Virginia
Rabbi Simone Schicker – Kalamazoo, Michigan
Cantor Benjie Schiller – White Plains, New York
Rabbi Judy Schindler – Charlotte, North Carolina
Rabbi SaraLeya Schley – Sparks, Nevada
Rabbi Sunny Schnitzer – Sanibel, Florida
Rabbi Leonard Schoolman – New York, New York
Cantor Eric Schulmiller – Port Washington, New York
Rabbi Amanda Schwartz – Englewood, Colorado
Rabbi Amy Schwartzman – McLean, Virginia
Rabbi Sid Schwarz – Rockville, Maryland
Rabbi Peter Schweitzer – New York, New York
Cantor Lisa B. Segal – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi David Segal – Houston, Texas
Rabbi Stephen Segar – Cleveland, Ohio
Rabbi Judith Seid – Pleasanton, California
Rabbi Sammy Seid – Poway, California
Cantor Heather Seid – San Diego, California
Rabbi David Seidenberg – Northampton, Massachusetts
Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller – Los Angeles, California
Cantor Marilyn Selby Okoshi – Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Cantor Judith Seplowin – Providence, Rhode Island
Rabbi Gerald Serotta – Chevy Chase, Maryland
Rabbi Isaac Serotta – Deerfield, Illinois
Rabbi Drorah Setel – Rochester, New York
Cantor Leah Shafritz – San Jose, California
Rabbi Susan Shamash – Vancouver, British Columbia
Cantor Elizabeth Shammash – Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Judy Shanks – Oakland, California
Rabbi Micah Shapiro – Cleveland, Ohio
Rabbi Jenna Shaw – Washington, District of Columbia
Rabbi Randy Sheinberg – New Hyde Park, New York
Rabbi Ellie Shemtov – Rutland, Vermont
Rabbi Jeremy Sher – Oakland, California
Rabbi Jessica Shimberg – Washington, District of Columbia
Cantor Linda Shivers – Portland, Oregon
Rabbi Paul Shleffar – San Quentin, California
Rabbi David Shneyer – Rockville, Maryland
Rabbi Natalie louise Shribman – West Bloomfield, Michigan
Rabbi Linda Shriner-Cahn – Bronx, New York
Rabbi Andy Shugerman – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Misha Shulman – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Alex Shuval-Weiner – Roswell, Georgia
Rabbi Jodie Siff – Manhasset, New York
Rabbi Deborah Silver – Studio City, California
Rabbi Jack Silver – Tempe, Arizona
Rabbi Todd Silverman – New Orleans, Louisiana
Rabbi Rachel Silverman – Sharon, Massachusetts
Rabbi Becky Silverstein – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Max Silverstone – New York, New York
Rabbi Rena Singer – Chicago, Illinois
Rabbi Suzanne Singer – Riverside, California
Rabbi Nachshon Siritsky – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Rabbi Andrew Sklarz – Mount Kisco, New York
Rabbi Scott Slarskey – Saint Louis, Missouri
Rabbi Jonathan Slater – Hastings on Hudson, New York
Rabbi Amy Small – Morristown, New Jersey
Jeanne Snodgrass – Columbia, Missouri
Rabbi Matthew Soffer – Durham, North Carolina
Rabbi Asher Sofman – Riverton, New Jersey
Rabbi Ruth Sohn – Los Angeles, California
Rabbi Felicia Sol – New York, New York
Cantor Robbie Solomon – Hull, Massachusetts
Rabbi Jenny Solomon – Raleigh, North Carolina
Rabbi Eric Solomon – Raleigh, North Carolina
Rabbi Marc Soloway – Boulder, Colorado
Rabbi Robin Sparr – Natick, Massachusetts
Chaim Spaulding – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Rabbi Kate Speizer – Seattle, Washington
Rabbi S. David Sperling – Peekskill, New York
Rabbi Aaron Spiegel – Indianapolis, Indiana
Cantor Rachel Spilker – Saint Paul, Minnesota
Rabbi Hannah Spiro – Washington, District of Columbia
Rabbi Toba Spitzer – Newton Center, Massachusetts
Rabbi Brent Spodek – Beacon, New York
Rabbi Ed Stafman – Bozeman, Montana
Rabbi Erica Steelman – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Talia Stein – Brookline, Massachusetts
Rabbi Abby Stein – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Danny Stein – New York, New York
Rabbi Alexandra Stein – Washington, District of Columbia
Rabbi Naomi Steinberg – Carlotta, California
Rabbi David Steinberg – Duluth, Minnesota
Rabbi Lane Steinger – Saint Louis, Missouri
Brittany Stern – New York, New York
Rabba Kaya Stern-Kaufman – Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Rabbi Ashira Stevens – Natick, Massachusetts
Rabbi Sharon Stiefel – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rabbi Danielle Stillman – Weybridge, Vermont
Rabbi Jamie Stolper – Auburndale, Massachusetts
Rabbi Jeff Stombaugh – Royal Oak, Michigan
Rabbi Yvonne Strassmann – Delaware, Ohio
Rabbi Andrew Straus – Oakland, California
Rabbi Joshua Strom – Armonk, New York
Rabbi William Strongin – New Paltz, New York
Cantor Jodi Sufrin – Newton Centre, Massachusetts
Cantor Lilah Sugarman – Danbury, Connecticut
Rabbi Yaffa-Shira Sultan – Silver Spring, Maryland
Rabbi Alana Suskin – Rockville, Maryland
Rabbi Tziona Szajman – Ithaca, New York
Rabbi Robert Tabak – Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Susan Talve – Saint Louis, Missouri
Rabbi Ariel Tarash – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cantor Ramon Tasat – Silver Spring, Maryland
Rabbi Elliott Tepperman – West Orange, New Jersey
Rabbi David Teutsch – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Michael Tevya Cohen – Dallas, Texas
Samantha Thal – Los Angeles, California
Cantor Mary Rebecca Thomas – Charlotte, North Carolina
Cantor Rica Timman – Tuckahoe, New York
Rabbi Rachel Timoner – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Shifrah Tobacman – Ithaca, New York
Rabbi Shoshanah Tornberg – Allentown, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Aaron Torop – Cincinnati, Ohio
Rabbi Ariel Tovlev – Adelphi, Maryland
Cantor Ze’evi Tovlev – Chevy Chase, Maryland
Beryl Trauth-Jurman – Fairfax, Virginia
Evan Traylor – Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Abigail Treu – South Orange, New Jersey
Rabbi Lauren Tuchman – Bethesda, Maryland
Jaz Twersky – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Sam Tygiel – Brighton, Massachusetts
Rabbi Victor Urecki – Charleston, West Virginia
Rabbi Jason van Leeuwen – Sherman Oaks, California
Rabbi Andy Vogel – Brookline, Massachusetts
Cantor Eliot Vogel – Narberth, Pennsylvania
Cantor Risa Wallach – Hillsborough, New Jersey
Aron Wander – Jerusalem, Yerushalayim Al Quds
Rabbi Julia Watts Belser – Rockville, Maryland
Rabbi Pamela Wax – North Adams, Massachusetts
Rabbi Seth Wax – Williamstown, Massachusetts
Rabbi Deborah Waxman – Wyncote, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Nancy Wechsler – Sacramento, California
Rabbi Elyse Wechterman – Abington, Pennsylvania
Eliezer Weinbach – New York, New York
Rabbi Benjamin Weiner – Deerfield, Massachusetts
Rabbi Cheryl Weiner – Hollywood, Florida
Rabbi Jay Weinstein – Huntington, New York
Rabbi samuel Weintraub – Bethesda, Maryland
Cantor Yosi Weintraub – Eugene, Oregon
Rabbi Rebecca Weintraub – New York, New York
Rabbi Stephen Weisman – Bowie, Maryland
Rabbi Josh Weisman – San Leandro, California
Rabbi Zari Weiss – Danville, California
Rabbi Rachel Weiss – Evanston, Illinois
Jacob Weiss – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Rabbi Ora Weiss – Newton Center, Massachusetts
Rabbi Micah Weiss – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Alex Weissman – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Alex Weisz – Pasadena, California
Rabbi Ariann Weitzman – Montclair, New Jersey
Rabbi Yael Werber – New York, New York
Rabbi Josh Whinston – Ann Arbor, Michigan
Kelly Whitehead – Ozone Park, New York
Rabbi Nancy Wiener – New York, New York
Mat Wilson – Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Rabbi David Wirtschafter – Lexington, Kentucky
Rabbi Ari Witkin – Huntington Woods, Michigan
Rabbi Amelia Wolf – Arlington, Virginia
Rabbi Joey Wolf – Portland, Oregon
Cantor Josee Wolff – New York, New York
Rabbi Michal Woll – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Cantor Cheryl Wunch – Toronto, Ontario
Dr. Erin Wyner – Studio City, California
Rabbi Bridget Wynne – Albany, California
Rabbi Adir Yolkut – White Plains, New York
Rabbi Mara Young – Greenburgh, New York
Rabbi Barbara Zacky – Santa Monica, California
Rabbi Jonathan Zasloff – Pacific Palisades, California
Rabbi Daniel Zemel – Washington, District of Columbia
Rabbi Irwin Zeplowitz – Port Washington, New York
Rabbi Lina Zerbarini – Huntington Station, New York
Rabbi Matt Zerwekh – Oak Park, Michigan
Rabbi Shawn Zevit – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Simcha Zevit – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Jonathan Zimet – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Brian Zimmerman – Fort Worth, Texas
Rabbi Jill Zimmerman – Richmond, California
Rabbi Ruth Zlotnick – Seattle, Washington
Rabbi Benjamin Zober – Reno, Nevada
Rabbi Henry Zoob – Westwood, Massachusetts
Cantor Michael Zoosman – College Park, Maryland

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