As COVID-19 spreads through the United States, which is poised to become the epicenter of this global pandemic, the outlook for immigrants in detention and asylum seekers at the border is particularly dangerous.

Please take a few minutes right now to call your governor to demand that immigrant detention centers be emptied today!

  1. Look up the phone number for your governor’s office:
  2. Say: “Hi, My name is [name], I’m a [state] resident living in [city]. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the detention centers in our state are going to become death camps for the immigrants locked inside, unless Governor _______ uses their emergency powers to release them immediately. My Jewish values tell me that we must care for the immigrants among us, and as a Jew, I am calling to ask: Will the governor empty the detention centers today?”

Text Study: Ruth Rabbah on Responsibility in Times of Need, by Rabbi Jill Jacobs.