Resources for Taking Action at Wendy’s

Fair Food tomatoes are becoming the norm in the fast food industry, with four of the five largest fast food companies proud members of the Fair Food Program. Who is the only one yet to get with the Fair Food Program? Wendy’s, a hamburger chain currently trying to modernize its image and revitalize its restaurants. As Wendy’s positions itself to implement sustainable practices and promote its sourcing of “honest ingredients,” it must realize that respect for human rights and worker participation are integral components of the genuine sustainability that today’s consumers expect and demand.

Indeed, Wendy’s is one of the very largest buyers of tomatoes in the restaurant industry. Given its market power, Wendy’s has not only an opportunity, but a moral obligation, to work with the tomato industry to be part ofthe Fair Food Program – the proven solution to Florida’s long history of farmworker abuse and poverty. Wendy’s purchasing power also has the ability to make a significant difference in the paychecks of workers.