8 Nights of Rights

Every year, T’ruah presents 8 Nights of Rights for Chanukah. Eight actions you can take to help make the world a little more just and a little more bright. This year, we’re sharing eight soul traits (middot) that we can all cultivate to (re)light our inner fires and inspire our work for justice. These eight middot come from a book of Mussar, Jewish values-based teachings: Every Day, Holy Day, by Alan Morinis. Check back each night as we add a new action. 

Night 1

Chanukah is the holiday of rededication, harking back to the Maccabees’ rededication of the Temple that the Greeks had violated. As we pass the first anniversary of the previous administration’s electoral defeat and move towards the end of the first year of the Biden administration, it is time to (re)light the fires that animate our core values and vision. 

But how do we stay enthusiastic about working for justice when the road is so long? 

When we at T’ruah gather for staff meetings, we always start with a text study. Over the past year, we have been working our way through a book of Mussar, Jewish values-based teachings: Every Day, Holy Day, by Alan Morinis. This year, for 8 Nights of Rights, we’re sharing eight middot — soul-traits — from the book that inspire us and get (or keep) us fired up to take action.

#1: Enthusiasm

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (18th century Italy) taught: “Just as zeal can come from an inner burning, so can it create one. That is, one who perceives a quickening of their outer movements in the performance of a commandment conditions themselves to experience a flaming inner movement, through which longing and desire will continually grow.”

Each action you take with T’ruah, no matter how small, stokes your inner fire to burn brighter and hotter for justice.

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