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Visit our honor roll of all our Facebook fundraisers.

Cantor Suzanne Bernstein

Lives in: Catskill, New York

Fundraiser details: Suzanne’s birthday/retirement fundraiser in July, 2018 raised $721 (double her original goal!).

Why a fundraiser: “I wanted to give back to T’ruah, which has inspired me so much both personally and professionally.”


Herbert Baum

Lives in: Greensboro, N.C.

Fundraiser details: Herb’s birthday fundraiser in July, 2018, raised $181.

Why: “I saw others doing this and decided I should as well. My rationale for T’ruah is that Judaism has a strong social justice component and T’ruah builds upon that. Mitzvot without social justice just does not seem right.”




Rabbi Jonah Geffen

Lives in: New York City

Fundraiser details: Jonah’s August 2018 birthday fundraiser raised $1,079.

Why: “T’ruah has provided the call, training, support, and space for me to SHOW UP as a rabbi when our voices are needed most – when my birthday came around I decided to try to facilitate others ability to SHOW UP for T’ruah.”




Talia Kaplan

Lives in: Washington, DC

Fundraiser details: Talia’s May 2018 fundraiser marking her college graduation, raised $470.

Why: “Given the profound impact T’ruah has had on my life — helping set me on my professional path [she was a summer intern at T’ruah in 2016]  — and the critical work T’ruah does in the world each day, I felt compelled to do an online fundraiser. The close proximity of my college graduation to the 2018 T’ruah gala provided the perfect occasion! It meant so much to me that family and friends celebrated my academic milestone by supporting T’ruah’s important mission.”